“It’s Been So Long” – Edmond Hall’s Swingtet (1944)

Blue Note; New York, May 5, 1944: Benny Morton-tb/Edmond Hall-cl/Harry Carney-bar/Don Frye-p/Everett Barksdale-g/Alvin Raglin-b/Sidney Catlett-d.

A something in a summer‘s noon – A depth – an Azure – a perfume – Transcending ecstasy. — Emily Dickinson

From the poem: A Something In A Summer’s Day.

It’s not quite summer yet, but this song, this poem and the promising weather here in Seattle today seem to just fit together nicely.


Edmond Hall With Clarinet (date unknown)


Known for his exuberant and rough-edged solos, Edmond Hall had a distinctive, personable and immediately recognizable clarinet sound that conveyed a depth of feeling and expression, even when he was playing in the “Dixieland” idiom.

Linsen to Edmond Hall’s All Star Quintet (1944), here.

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