“Wild Cat Blues” – Clarence Williams’ Blue Five (1923)

Okeh; New York, July 30, 1923: Thomas Morris-c/John Mayfield-tb/Sidney Bechet-ss/Clarence Williams-p/Buddy Christian-bj.



Sidney Bechet; New York, 1947: Photo source.

Sidney Bechet–the man behind that visceral, growling, vibrato sound of the soprano sax.


Sidney Bechet; 1939: Photo/film clip from the Guardian.




“Jackass Blues” – Clarence Williams Stompers (1926)

Okeh; New York, April 7, 1926: Bubber Miley-Thomas Morris-c/Unknown, Joe “Tricky Sam” Nanton-tb/Don Redman-cl-as/Clarence Williams-p/Leroy Harris or Buddy Christian-bj/Unknown bb.

Clarence Williams: publisher, composer, musician, actor, entrepreneur…the¬†list¬†goes on. Here he is at age 33.