“Wild Cat Blues” – Clarence Williams’ Blue Five (1923)

Okeh; New York, July 30, 1923: Thomas Morris-c/John Mayfield-tb/Sidney Bechet-ss/Clarence Williams-p/Buddy Christian-bj.



Sidney Bechet; New York, 1947: Photo source.

Sidney Bechet–the man behind that visceral, growling, vibrato sound of the soprano sax.


Sidney Bechet; 1939: Photo/film clip from the Guardian.




“The Pearls” – Jelly-Roll Morton (1923)

Gennett; Richmond, Ind., July 18, 1923: Jelly-Roll Morton-p.

Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe (October 20, 1890 – July 10, 1941); jazz inventor.



“Dipper Mouth Blues” – King Oliver’s Jazz Band (1923)

Okeh; Chicago, June 22, 1923: King Oliver, Louis Armstrong-c/Honore Dutrey-tb/Johnny Dodds-cl/Lil Hardin-p/Bud Scott-bj-v break/Baby Dodds-d.

This recording features Louis Armstrong at 22 years-old. King Oliver plays the muted cornet while Armstrong plays his open.

The Dodds brothers with clarinet and drums! And Louis Armstrong’s future wife, Lil, on piano.

Be sure to click the cogwheel for higher resolution and sound. And check out Johhny Dodds rocking the “Beatle Boots.”

A Youtube repost.

“Oh, play that thing!”