“Millennium Jump” – Joe Marsala And His Orchestra (film, 1946)

From the Youtube repost:

“MILLENNIUM JUMP was one of four SOUNDIES produced in April/May 1946 featuring a seven piece jazz combo billed as ‘Joe Marsala and Orchestra.’ All musicians are identified for you on screen.. Although Joe Marsala is often associated with traditional, Chicago-style jazz, he is a far more complex musician, and this combo plays music that is typical of the late Swing Era: It looks back at the Swing tradition without ignoring some of the modern music being played in Harlem and on Central Avenue. The band also features Marsala’s wife, Adele Girard, one of the finest of jazz harp players. Joe and Adele’s daughter Elisa recently told me, ‘Adele and Joe were in love with each other and in love with the music they made. Joe was thrilled to find himself among all the musicians he idolized.’ Of their years in jazz Adele said, ‘The best of the music is somewhere out there flying around in the cosmos. It was an unbelievable experience.'”


“I Wish I Were Twins” – Coleman Hawkins And The Ramblers (1935)

A Youtube repost.

The Ramblers:
George Van Helvoirt,Henk Hinrichs (tp); Marcel Thielemans (tb); Andre Van Den Ouderaa, Wim Poppink (as,cl); Coleman Hawkins (ts); Wim Poppink (bars); Theo Uden Masman (p,ldr); Jack Pet (g); Tony Limbach (b);
Kees Kranenburg (d); Andre Van Den Ouderaa (vln);
The Hague, Holland, February 4, 1935

“I Wish I Were Twins” – Coleman Hawkins (1935)

Coleman Hawkins speaks! Here he is at age 30, with Leo de la Fuente on piano. The film source is from a program called “Jazz in the Netherlands.”

The clip is short and the speed fluctuates a bit. He seems like a really nice and sincere guy.

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“A Little Jive Is Good For You” – Martha Tilton With Ben Pollack And His Orchestra – (film clip, 1941)

Martha Tilton sings in this “Soundies” film from 1941, with Slate Brothers, and Ben Pollack and His Orchestra accompanying.

What the…What just happened? Is this even jazz at this point?

I think someone was smokin’ some “jive” when they thought of this storyline.

At this point, the end of jazz as we know it isn’t far away, but there’s hope. Musicians will soon take back the medium from the entertainment industry and invent new ways of expressing the world in which they live. Wouldn’t you have? Hollywood, the war machine, and the music industry will soon lose the control that they had in directing and manipulating jazz for the masses. Be bop and other new forms are just around the corner.

With all due respect, I like the song and the “meta” aspect of it: A pretty swinging and jiving song with lyrics and instructions about, well, “Jivin’.”

A Youtube repost.

Big Sid Catlett And Gene Krupa – “Boy, What A Girl !” (film clip, 1947)

Big Sid’s cool drumming style, live! Amazing.

And we even get to hear Big Sid Catlett speak in this clip from the 1947 film, “Boy, What A Girl !” directed by Arthur H. Leonard.

Gene’s appearance was not written into the script but after a surprise visit to the New York set, to say hello to his friend Sid, the producers wrote in this dialogue. Consequently, Gene Krupa is the only non-black cast member to the otherwise all-black “race film.” Gene and Sid were truly good friends in real life and remained so until Sid’s death in 1951, four years after the release of this film. Sad.