“Sweet Sue” – Bix’s cornet solo only (1928)

Photo link.

This photo was taken by a Bix fan at the “Jazzens Museum” in Sweden. But after that fan posted the photo and began an engaging and lengthy online forum discussion–as seen in the link–about this particular cornet, the consensus is that it is more than likely not a cornet that Bix owned and played.

I guess that’s what happens when one just randomly grabs photos from the internet and uses them before researching the origin or authenticity. Lesson learned. It’s too late to remake the video now so enjoy .38 seconds of Bix’s solo which may or may not have been played on the above pictured cornet.

2 thoughts on ““Sweet Sue” – Bix’s cornet solo only (1928)

  1. Bix’s SWEET SUE solo is with the Paul Whiteman orchestra and occurs near the end of the recording, which I own and listened to several times for the context in which the solo was played. Whiteman’s version is one of his typical and rather pretentious concertized treatments of popular songs at the time (1928), and the Bix solo stands in sharp contrast to the rest of the rendition. According to jazz authority George Avakian, the solo was played with a derby over the bell of Bix’s cornet, and is one of his finest muted choruses.


  2. I knew there was something about the solo that stood out. That’s why I chose to make the video of just the solo. A derby hat? I’ll have to give the song another good listen now knowing this. Thanks, mistermuse!


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