“I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music” – Gene Krupa’s Swing Band (1936)

Victor; Chicago, February 29, 1936: Roy Eldridge-t/Benny Goodman-cl/Chu Berry-ts/Jess Stacy-p/Allan Reuss-g/Israel Crosby-b/Gene Krupa-d.

Chu Berry on tenor sax–and what a sound!

I’ve heard both vocal and various instrumental versions of this song and this take is by far my favorite. Even Benny Goodman is groovin’ as he lets out a squawk or two during his clarinet run.

Gene Krupa generously gives up the first solo slot and and almost a fifth of the song (0:42-1:16) for that unmistakable and distinctive buttery sax sound of Chu Berry as he could have easily used up that time to showcase his own drum work.


(Left-Bud Freeman-ts/Center-Johnny Hodges-as/Right-Chu Berry-ts)

Photo source; date unknown.


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