“Fish Tail Blues” – Jelly-Roll Morton’s Kings of Jazz (1924)

Autograph; Chicago, September, 1924: Lee Collins-c/Roy Palmer-tb/”Balls” Ball-cl/Alex Poole-as/Jelly-Roll Morton-p.

Issue Date: September 16, 1995

Wish I would have collected a few of these stamps when they were first issued.

The “Fish Tail” referenced in this song is not a braid, or a shirt or a long pleated skirt but rather a reference to a blues and jazz dance, which had originated in Africa. The main part of the dance included movements in which the dancer provocatively shakes their, well … “Fish Tail” in the form of a figure eights.

One thought on ““Fish Tail Blues” – Jelly-Roll Morton’s Kings of Jazz (1924)

  1. As a side note, this record and 3 others at that Sept. 1924 session were on the Autograph label which, according to Brian Rust, gets credit for being first on the market with electric recording (in the autumn of 1924), bearing the words “Electrically Recorded.” Since those words aren’t on this record (No. 606), it was apparently acoustically recorded, which makes sense because it was made just before the company (Marsh Laboratories Inc.) moved to a new location in Oct. 1924.


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