“Ornithology” – Charlie Parker Septet (1946)

Dial; Hollywood, March 28, 1946: Miles Davis-t/Charlie Parker-as/Lucky Thompson-ts/Dodo Marmarosa-p/Arvin Garrison-g/Vic McMillan-b/Roy Porter-d.

When acquaintances and family ask me what I’ve been up to lately, I invariably say, very casually, that I’ve been really getting into “vintage” jazz. And if they seem even slightly interested, I eagerly drop the blog address on them and enthusiastically ask, “do you like old jazz?”

Well, nine out of ten times I get, “sure, … I like Miles Davis.”


“The Album That Changed Jazz: In 1959, jazz legend Miles Davis released Kind of Blue, an album that charted a completely new direction for the genre. Drummer Jimmy Cobb talks about the historic recording sessions.”

If you enjoy Kind of Blue, which was released 13 years after today’s song, then be sure to take a moment and read the short  January 7, 2015 article, with video, featured in the online edition of the BBC.

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