“Blue Skies” – Erroll Garner Trio (1946)

Mercury; Los Angeles, July 14, 1946: Erroll Garner-p/Red Callender-b/Lou Singer-d.

Quickly composed in 1926 by Irving Berlin for the musical stage production, Betsy, by Rodgers and Hart. The next year, 1927, the song was published and rose to #1 with Ben Selvin’s rendition of the song. Notably, later that year, “Blue Skies” became the first recorded song to appear in a film “talkie.” Here is Erroll Garner’s 1946 interpretation.

Not a bad melody to have buzzing around in your head on the first day of a new year.


Erroll Garner promotional shot. Photo source.

Notice that in the photo there isn’t any sheet music placed in front of Garner. With Erroll, every take was a first take. He never learned to read or write music so each rendition of the song he was performing was done differently and “in the moment.” Unbelievable.

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