“Davenport Blues” – Bix And His Rhythm Jugglers (1925)

Gennett; Richmond, Ind., January 26, 1925: Bix Beiderbecke-c/Tommy Dorsey-tb/Don Murray-cl/Paul Mertz-p/Howdy Quicksell-bj(listed but not heard)/Tom Gargano-d.

One of two songs from Bix’s first recording date as a band leader.

Visit Bixography.com to read more about this recording date including Hoagy Carmichael’s memory of the session and other great accounts such as: “Bix drove with Hoagy Carmichael from Indianapolis and the musicians were supposed to meet Bix at the Gennett studios. Howdy Quicksell did not make it until the afternoon and therefore did not participate in the first two recordings, Toddlin’ Blues and Davenport Blues. ”


The “fashionably late” Howard “Howdy” Quicksell; (b. 1901 – d. October 30, 1953).

I have a new video player that I’m still trying to figure out so if the overall video volume is too loud on these last few videos, let me know.

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