“Hey Man! Hey Man!” – Skeets Tolbert And His Gentlemen Of Swing (1942)

Decca; New York, July 25, 1942: Skeets Tolbert-cl-as-dir/Robert Hicks-t/Otis Hicks-ts/Herbert Goodwin-p-v/John Drummond-b/Larry Hinton-d/Chorus-v.

Swingin’ on the spiritual … “Skeets Tolbert” style.

Skeets Tolbert went on to obtain his degree and become a music teacher. The “Gentlemen” were together on Decca for three years, from 1939-1942, and during that time appeared in four “talkies” and produced 40 jazz sides. Be sure to look up Skeets Tolbert and the Gentlemen of Swing on Youtube to see the band in film action.

The screen shot below is a still from one of the “Gentlemen’s” 1944 film appearances. Skeets Tolbert singing and flirting with dancer.

  1. skeets3

Photo source.

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