“Lazy Bug” – Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra (1939)

Bluebird; New York, May 8, 1939: Charlie Barnet-ss-as-ts-dir/John Owens-Bob Burnet-Johnny Mendell-John Owens-t/Ben Hall-Don Ruppersberg-Bill Robertson-tb/Kurt Bloom-Gene Kinsey-as/Don McCook-James Lamare-ts/Bill Miller-p/Bus Etri-g/Phil Stevens-b/Wesley Dean-d.

Here’s an atmospheric number from Charlie Barnet which was recorded a year after his 1938 hit “Cherokee.”

If the song evokes film noir imagery of something, or someone, lurking around the corner or hiding within dark shadows, well there is … a new decade, the 1940s, is approaching and, additionally, WWII is now deeply underway with its “Axis of Evil” waiting to infiltrate and strike from within. Keep your eyes and ears open–don’t be a Lazy Bug!


Poster design by Glenn Grohe, ca. 1942.

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