“African Hunch” – Richard M. Jones Jazz Wizards (1927)

Victor; Chicago, November 7, 1927: Shirley Clay-c/William Franklin-tb/Artie Starks-cl-as/Richard M. Jones-p/Ikey Robinson-bj-g/Charlie Turner-bb/Wallace Bishop-d.

A self-composed number by Richard M. Jones–Okeh Records employee, Mercury Records employee, producer, session organizer, talent scout, musician, music publisher, and band leader.

Wish my local non-profit jazz station played early jazz like this selection!

I’m still trying to figure out if that gated percussion sound at :37, which appears out of nowhere and never to be repeated, is some sort of human beat box (vocal made) or a washboard stroke. My wife suggested that it may be a rattle or maraca. Hard to tell, but I’m going with the washboard and thimble stroke.


Richard M. Jones (hat) with Johnny St. Cyr (banjo) and Albert Nicholas (clarinet). Courtesy Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University. Photo source.

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