“Chicken And Waffles ” – Bunny Berigan And His Blue Boys (1935)

Decca; New York, December 13, 1935: Bunny Berigan-t/Edgar Sampson-cl-as/Eddie Miller-cl-ts/Cliff Jackson-p/Grachan Moncur-sb/Ray Bauduc-d.

A self-composed number by Berigan.


Roland Bernard “Bunny” Berigan; (1908-1942).

Photo source.

Known for his virtuosic jazz trumpeting, Bunny made a name for himself in the bands of Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman. Though Berigan had already formed a few small groups on the side, 1937 saw Bunny set off full-time, taking on the arduous task of leading an orchestra of his own. This song comes before that departure.

Unfortunately, although Berigan’s own orchestra contained many notable players throughout its various incarnations, it never proved financially successful and from 1939 on, Berigan could be found doing double duty managing his own orchestra while playing in other established big bands, in which he could collect a paycheck. Bunny was only 33 years old, in 1942, when his alcoholism got the best of him.

In 1975, his classic recording, “I Can’t Get Started,” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

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