“Travelin’ Man” – Stan Kenton and his Orchestra w/ Anita O’Day (1945)

Capitol; Los Angeles, January 16, 1945: Stan Kenton-p-dir/John Carroll-Buddy Childers-Karl George-Gene Roland-Mel Green-t/Harry Forbes-Freddie Zito-Milt Kabak-tb/Bart Varsalona-b-tb/Bob Lively-Boots Mussulli-as/Stan Getz-Dave Madden-ts/Bob Gioga-bar/Bob Ahem-g/Bob Kesterson-b/Jim Falzone-d/Anita O’Day-v.


Photo source: allaboutjazz.com.

Anita O’Day once said that the Kenton band was good and solid, it’s just that the band didn’t swing.

Well, what she meant to say was that the band just didn’t swing when SHE wasn’t in it!

But I’m sure, as a singer, the transition from the swing rhythms of Gene Krupa and Woody Herman to the progressive and often abrasive “Kenton sound” was challenging. She did say, however, that her time in the Kenton band taught her to think differently about chord structures and chord changes.

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