“Snag It” / “September In The Rain” – Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtimers (1944)

“Snag It”
Commodore; New York, April 15, 1944: Muggsy Spanier-c/Miff Mole-tb/Pee Wee Russell-cl/Dick Cary-p/Eddie Condon-g/Bob Casey-b/Joe Grauso-d.

“September In The Rain”
Commodore; New York, April 22, 1944: Muggsy Spanier-c/Pee Wee Russell-cl/Ernie Caceres-bar/Dick Cary-p/Eddie Condon-g/Sid Weiss-b/Joe Grauso-d.


Photo source.

Pee Wee Russell, Muggsy Spanier, Miff Mole and Joe Grauso, Nick’s (Tavern), New York, ca. June 1946.


Photo source.

Pee Wee Russell: playing to be heard with his signature style of bent and shaken notes expressed through explosive and passionate clarinet runs.

Commodore was the first jazz label to print all of the featured musicians names on the label of the disk itself.

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