“Angry” – New Orleans Rhythm Kings (1923)

Gennett; Richmond, Indiana, July 17, 1923: Paul Mares-c/George Brunies-tb/Leon Roppolo-cl/Jack Pettis-Cm/Glenn Scoville-as-ts/Don Murray-cl-ts/Kyle Pierce-p/Bob Gillette-bj/Chink Martin-bb/Ben Pollack-d.

For some reason, this “angry” song puts me in a good mood.

Self-composed and arranged by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings. Not their most famous number, but this composition continues as a “Dixieland” standard as it is still being played today.

An all-white band comprised of musicians from both Chicago and New Orleans who emulated the “hot” sound of the all-black jazz bands of the early 1920s. Unfortunately, they became known for their inspiration to young musicians more than their actual contributions to jazz. In 1923, the already well-known Jelly-Roll Morton sat in professionally on one recording session making the New Orleans Rhythm Kings one of the first “mixed” bands to produce a studio recording. However, publicly, jazz was still racially segregated and that lineup never played live.

Link here to listen to “Dipper Mouth Blues” recorded in 1923 (same year) by the all-black band, King Oliver’s Jazz Band, to compare styles.

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