“Slippin’ Around” – Red And Miff’s Stompers (1927)

Okeh; New York, October 12, 1927: Red Nichols-c/Miff Mole-tb/Pee Wee Russell-Fud Livingston-cl-ts-a/Lennie Hayton-p/Carl Kress-g/Jack Hanson-bb/Vic Berton-d.

Considered by many to be the finest example of Miff Mole’s signature trombone sound and technique.

Allmusic.com describes Miff Mole’s playing as having “unusual interval jumps with staccato phrasing.” His sound has also been called “urban” and sophisticated; calm and assertive. Regardless of how it’s described, it’s safe to say that Miff’s playing style is magical and distinct and is a style in which allowed for the advancement of the trombone to a lead instrument.

Written by Mole and arranged by bandmate, Fud Livingston.

A Youtube repost:

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