“Lots O’ Mama” – Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra (1924)

Vocalion; New York, January 29, 1924: Fletcher Henderson-p-a-dir/Elmer Chambers, Howard Scott-c/Teddy Nixon-tb/Don Redman-cl-as/Charlie Dixon-bj/Ralph Escudero-bb/Kaiser Marshall-d

Fletcher Henderson earned a BS in chemistry from Atlanta University. Forced to set his degree aside because of closed doors and lack of opportunities, due to his race, he went on to lead the most commercially successful jazz orchestras of the 1920s.

This example may sound a bit choppy to our ears today, but hidden within is the beginnings of smooth syncopation that will inspire the next generation of jazz musicians, such as Coleman Hawkins (not featured on this example) who spent a decade playing with Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra.

A Youtube repost.

Fletcher Henderson 1924

Some of the names on the above recording are pictured, here, in this later photo shoot.

(l to r) Howard Scott (Tp), Ralph Escudero (Tu), Elmer Chambers (Tp), Fletcher Henderson (P), Charlie Dixon (Bjo), Kaiser Marsall (Dm), Coleman Hawkins (Cl/S), Don Redman (Cl/S).

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