“Slow Burn” – Sy Oliver And His Orchestra (1947)

Sy Oliver composed, arranged, sang, played the trumpet and even found time to lead his own band during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Born Melvin James “Sy” Oliver in 1910, he died in 1988. A long life dedicated to jazz.

This guy worked his butt off during “jazzbetweenthewars,” arranging and playing for Jimmie Lunceford, during the 1930s, and then with Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra during the 1940s.

A Youtube repost:

Here’s what the 78 rpm of this song looks like. Such a great song for a B-side release but I suppose the A-side was more “current” sounding for the day. The A-side is entitled “Hey Daddy-O.”

slo burn

3 thoughts on ““Slow Burn” – Sy Oliver And His Orchestra (1947)

  1. Thanks, Thom. I really like Sy’s arrangements with Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra. I’ll see if I can make a video showcasing his work soon. I haven’t forgotten about Pee Wee Russell either. In fact, I thought of you because at Zoverstocks on Amazon.com there is a Chronological Classics CD of Pee Wee (1935-1946) which caught my eye. Maybe you have it already. Best, Ken


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