“Milenberg Joys” – McKinney’s Cotton Pickers (1928)

Victor; Chicago, July 11, 1928: Don Redman-cl-as-bar-a-dir/ John Nesbitt-t/Langston Curl-t/Claude Jones-tb/Milton Senior-cl-as/George Thomas-cl-ts/Prince Robinson-cl-ts/Todd Rhodes-p-cel/Dave Wilborn-bj-g/Ralph Escudero-bb/Cuba Austin-d.

“According to Jelly Roll Morton, Walter Melrose (his publisher) ‘inserted words to some of my hit tunes without my knowledge or permission’ (including Milenberg Joys). This sheet music was produced by Melrose Bros. of Chicago.

In 1923, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings recorded Milenberg Joys. The band included Paul Mares, George Brunies, Jelly Roll Morton, and Leon Rappolo. ‘Milenberg’ was the common New Orleans pronunciation for Milneburg. Jelly Roll Morton, although given credit for the composition, claimed only to have written the introduction.”  —www.websitesneworleans.com

A Youtube repost.


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