“Frenesi” – Artie Shaw And His Orchestra (1940)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day–a touch of romance from Artie Shaw.

In 1939, Artie Shaw was the highest ,U.S.,  grossing performer–earning, in today’s money, 1 million dollars a week. Even so, his personality remained irascible and grumpy.

For comparison and contrast use only.  From the French Chronological Classics CD series.

Photo credit: Jazzwax.

Composed by Diminguez. Victor; 26542-B; Los Angeles, March 3, 1940: Artie Shaw-dir-cl/Charlie Margulis-Manny Klein-George Thow-t/Randall Miller-Bill Rank-Babe Bowman-tb/Blake reynolds-Bud Carlton-Jack Stacey-as/Dick Clark-ts/Joe Krechter-bcl/Jack Cave-fh/Morton Ruderman-f/Phil Nemoli-o/Mark Levant-Harry Bluestone-Peter Eisenberg-Robert Barene-Sid Brokaw-Dave Cracov-Alex Law-Jerry Joyce-vn/Davi Sturkin-Stanley Spiegelman-Jack Gray-vl/Irving Lipschultz-Jules Tannenbaum-vc/Stan Wrightsman-p/Bobby Sherwood-g/Jud DeNaut-b/Carl Maus-d.

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