“Wanna-Go-Back-Again Blues” – Duke Ellington And His Orchestra (1926)

The full title of this song is: “(You’ve Got Those) Wanna-Go-Back-Again Blues.”

This recording is a bit distant, and this particular reproduction is from a very used and grainy 78″, but the melody is just incredible and warrants a video upload. Just pretend there’s a rainstorm outside.

Listen twice and compare the slightly plaintive and melancholy beginning with the energetic and futuristic ending. As the song’s theme is being set, a locomotive whistle can be heard and then as the song concludes, you will hear a “rocket-in-flight” sound effect; a sound from the past and a sound of the future.

The Great 1920s Duke Ellington Orchestra with Jimmy Harrison on trombone and vocals.

Photo source: onpoint.

For comparison/contrast use only. From the French Chronological Classics CD series.

Composed by Turk-Handman. Gennett 3291-A; New York, March 30, 1926: Duke Ellington-p-a-dir/Harry Cooper-Leroy Rutledge-t/Jimmy Harrison-tb-v/Charlie Irvis-tb/Otto Hardwick-as-bar/Prince Robinson-George Thomas-cl-ts/Don Redman-cl-as/Fred Guy-bj/Henry Edwards-bb/Sonny Greer-d.

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