“Slippin’ Around” – Red And Miff’s Stompers (1927)

Born in the same Long Island hamlet as Chuck D. and Flavor Flav of the hip hop band Public Enemy, but  you won’t see Miff’s name on Wikipedia’s “notable residents” list of who’s-who, Roosevelt, New York.

MIff Mole elevated the trombone’s status to that of the trumpet by adapting a “soloistic approach to the instrument, which was characterized by wide leaps in pitch and clear, rhythmic articulation. This virtuosity prompted Tommy Dorsey to call him ‘the Babe Ruth of the trombone.'” —jazz.com

For comparison/contrast use only. From the French Chronological Classics CD series.

Composed by Miff Mole. Victor 21397-B; October 12, 1927: Red Nichols-t/Miff Mole-tb/Pee Wee Russell-cl/Fud Livingston-ts/Carl Kress-g/Lennie Hayton-p/Jack Hanson-bass brass/Vic Berton-d.

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