“Original Jelly-Roll Blues” – Jelly-Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers (1926)

A Jell- Roll Morton (piano) repost from cdbpdx on Youtube.

The Original ‘Jelly Roll Blues‘ is widely acknowledged as the very first Jazz tune, written by Jelly Roll Morton  in 1910 and first published in 1915. This version is by Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers, recorded in 1926 and released on Victor label, and here reissued on a British Rythym Society label 78 rpm record about 1950 or so.” – cdbpdx

In this song we hear what Morton described as the “Spanish tinge,” inspired by the tangos he recalled from his New Orleans youth.

For comparison/contrast use only. Composed by Jelly Roll Morton. Original pressing: Victor 20405-B; Chicago, Illinois, December 16, 1926: Jelly Roll Morton-p/George Mitchell-c/Kid Ory-tb/Omer Simeon-cl/Johnny St. Cyr-g/John Lindsay-b/Andrew Hilaire-d.

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